Different Types of TV, LCD, Plasma & LED at Great Prices

Check here to tips on buying different types of tv including LED, LCD and plasma, small or big, online today at great prices.

Different Types of TV and their features

Tips on buying the right television

Today there are many types of TV out there, with different screen types and technologies incorporated. Each of these technologies has its own weaknesses and strengths, advantages and disadvantages. Among them we can mention LCD TVS, LED TV, LED TV, Plasma TV, and Curved TV. You can get them all flat screen. For the people who are not tech savvy is not so important to understand all these acronyms and the technologies that stay behind them. What is more important is to distinguish between two main options on the market today, the LED TV and the plasma TV.

LED TVS have replaced the older LCD TVS ageing technology and the TV sets built on this technology feature displays that are backlit by an array of light emitting diodes places behind the screen. Plasma TV technology uses glass panels with tiny cells containing a mixture of inert gases. Today plasma TVs are available only in large screen formats of over 42 inches.

TV shop listing where you can buy any brand

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