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This time, we are going to share the five best-rated digital cameras (including mirrorless and DSLR models). As with our popular lenses list, Canon and Nikon cameras traditionally dominate this digital camera list.

Their reign seems to have ended; Sony has joined them in spades thanks to a stunning array of mirrorless models. While Canon has been expanding the Canon mirrorless range at a rapid pace, it is the stunning array of cameras from both generalists and specialists that continue to make Sony stand out. While it certainly feels at times as though mirrorless is taking over the world, there are still advantages to some of the best DSLR cameras, with some, such as Canons EOS-1D X Mark III, breaking new ground.

Canon, Nikon, and Pentax offer entry-level DSLRs with traditional optical finders, but other camera makers have gone full-on mirrorless. It is also worth noting that many more affordable lenses are available for DSLR cameras than mirrorless cameras — for instance, Nikon/Canons classic Nifty-Fifty 50mm f/1.8. If you are looking for a DSLR, we believe that for most people, Canons EOS Rebel T8i is the best choice; this mid-range camera boasts a 24MP sensor, wide ISO range (100-25600, expandable up to 51,200), and a really nice rated battery life of up to 1,240 shots.

Most casual photographers will find that the Canon EOS Rebel T8i is their best bet if they are looking for a DSLR-style system. If you are thinking of starting out with a full-frame model–the kind most pros use–consider Canons EOS RP, Sonys A7 III, or the Nikon Z 5 as a starting model. One might suggest the prevalence of Nikon, Canon, and Sony among professionals is because they choose full-frame cameras, which are without question the most common format of camera sensor used among professionals.

While instant cameras and point-and-shoots are fine for snapping photos, for anything more complex, you are going to want to look at recent DSLRs or mirrorless models. You are faced with tons of excellent options, ranging from high-end mirrorless systems to compacts to action cameras. Those looking for a camera that is suitable for travel should still look at mirrorless alternatives such as the Fujifilm X-T200 and the Canon EOS M50, but beyond that, it remains an excellent way to master photographic fundamentals and begin a new hobby.

Nikon has also taken Nikons first steps into the full-frame mirrorless market with the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7, and as with the Canon EOS R, these cameras can use existing Nikon current DSLR lenses, with no restrictions, through adaptors, so Nikon users can take a sidegrade to mirrorless one step at a time, instead of having to change their entire system.

Sony has been the trailblazer in the full-frame mirrorless space, with one of their older models, the Sony A7 II, dropping to about $900, making one of their older models the best cameras for someone looking to get into the full-frame mirrorless system without paying through the nose. There is no question that every camera here is expensive, but the Sony A7S III is also the best camera in the class, and it is taking the full-frame video experience to new heights. If you are a stills shooter or hybrid who bounces back and forth between photography and video, the Canon EOS R5 is one of the best cameras you will ever have the privilege to work with.

If you consider the Canon EOS R5 to be a professional stills camera with some impressive video capabilities, it is easily one of the best cameras that Canon has made. The EOS R6 brings best-in-class AF, an excellent on-body image stabilization system, and burst shooting capability, which marks the EOS R6 out as an excellent wildlife or sports photography camera. The EOS R7 is exactly the kind of camera that Canon needs to lure those who love the APS-C format, dslr-shooting old-timers (I am looking at you, birders and nature photographers) into the world of mirrorless.

Its versatile camera is the kind of all-in-one body from Canons line, boasting high-end photo and video specs, appealing to shooters looking for maximum versatility in a single camera. While there are cameras with better specs out there (many on this list), the Canon EOS Rebel T7 gives you an APS-C 24-megapixel sensor, built-in flash, 1080p video, and 3-frames-per-second continuous shooting.

The compact, light-weight Canon Rebel T7 is the textbook example as to why buying a DSLR can still make sense when there are many excellent mirrorless alternatives. Canon has been making some serious headway lately with its Canon R-series mirrorless cameras, so it is not surprising to see a EOS R model in our list of the best cameras. Two big development announcements that we have heard about lately are the Canon EOS R3 and the Nikon Z9, which are both high-end, pro-level mirrorless cameras from sports photographers Nikon.

What many people also do not realize is that Canon has a hugely compelling professional lens lineup, particularly in the long-range lenses, and that although the Olympus MFT sensor is smaller than the full-frame sensors used in pro cameras from Canon, Nikon, and Sony, it would cost much less to create an entire professional system — and would be much lighter to transport. There are still some pocket-sized superzooms on the market, but if you want to get a camera with ridiculous zoom capability, you are better off buying a bridge model, such as the mainstream Canon SX70 HS or Sonys top-end RX10 IV.

The Panasonic Lumix ZS200 from Amazon offers a compact design bundled with plenty of handy features to capture high-resolution stills or 4K video. Compact digital cameras are incredibly convenient, and they are also surprisingly rugged, so you can still likely find people using their Canon and Sony compact digital cameras from more than a decade ago. There are other popular types that professional photographers look for, such as compact cameras, shoot cameras, photographer touch, film cameras, and more.

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