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The Different Smart TV People Buy

In short, smart TVs include an OS/platform which allows access, management, and viewing of content from online and network-based media, without having to plug into an external box such as Roku or Fire Stick. Smart TVs enable access to traditional electronics media (regular television channels) as well as interactive online media and Over-the-top (OTT) content.

Which means, you can just plug the Smart TV into the Internet and enjoy streaming various content from various sources. In addition to internet streaming, some smart TVs offer additional features, like Miracast and Screen Sharing, that let users watch content from compatible smartphones and tablets on the TVs screen. Smart TVs also let you access various different app stores, thereby giving you a wider selection of content.

Some of the most popular apps you, as the user, can have access to, through Smart TV, include Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon. Ideally, however, you would like to be able to make use of built-in streaming apps for smart TVs, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Now TV, and YouTube, just to name a few. Fortunately, almost all new TVs are equipped with an integrated smart TV system, which gives you direct access to some of your favourite streaming apps.

Powered by their own proprietary OS, smart TVs come preloaded with a small number of apps, such as popular streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, social media apps, and news channels. Smart TVs also provide an excellent way to enjoy streaming music, with Internet radio services such as Spotify and Pandora offered on most smart TVs. They, like smartphones and smart home devices, offer Internet connectivity and support for an array of apps.

Smart TVs access online content by connecting to the same broadband router and ethernet cable, or WiFi, network you use to connect a computer to the Internet. A smart TV has an operating system that allows users to download apps for their preferred streaming services just as they would do on a mobile device. Roku-powered smart TVs utilize the same OS platform used by the Roku streaming media maker, streaming media players, allowing users to download the same streaming apps and channels.

Roku vs. Smart TV pricing points vary depending on the size and type of TV being purchased, but Roku devices are generally cheaper than other smart TVs. The devices come with the streaming media maker Rokus own technologies and operating systems, which tends to make them more affordable compared to other smart TVs on the market. Other models of smart TVs, which can either be powered by Amazon Fire TV or built by manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony, tend to cost more.

Smart TV platforms from first-party manufacturers typically have much smaller libraries than Android TV, Amazons Fire TV platform, or Roku TV, but they typically offer all of the most popular streaming apps. Amazons Fire TV platform is one of the three major licensed interfaces for smart TVs, alongside Android/Google TV and Roku TV. We cannot discuss the best smart platforms without talking about Amazon Fire TV — a proprietary operating system used on Amazons Fire TV streaming sticks, as well as a growing number of televisions.

In this article, we compared Roku TV, Android TV, Fire TV, WebOS, and TizenOS against one another, in order to find out which is the best smart TV OS. We will be breaking down what each of the popular smart TV platforms offers below, as well as sharing a few of our favorite media and streaming players within each category. Our lists below are organized by which TVs provide the best picture for the money, but we also take note of how we liked (or did not like) the built-in smart TV systems.

Not all smart TVs are created equally, and not all smart TV platforms or OSes will support the same apps and features. The best smart TVs available today will provide a intuitive, easy-to-use experience, give you access to a broad array of streaming services, and come with helpful artificial intelligence features. No matter what TV brand you opt for, the best smart TVs available today will offer an array of streaming services and content choices, including services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, or HBO Max.

It is worth noting that top streaming devices rarely offer more features than todays smart TVs will offer. Most smart TVs are not quite as capable as stand-alone streaming boxes, but the select few – such as the Roku TV — do separate themselves from the pack with selection and user experience. If the TV of your choice has a middling smarts platform, you may want to consider saving some budget room for a good streaming box, such as a Roku Ultra or an Apple TV 4K.

Google TVs Smart TV system is our second-favorite behind the Roku, and it is good enough that you might not need to pick up another streaming device. However, we still prefer Roku and Android/Google TV (found in Sony TVs) better in general, as they have more apps.

Its proprietary Vidaa system does not support nearly as many apps at this point as most of its competitors platforms (or Samsung’s Smart TV), and Disney+ and Apple TV are the most notable absences. Samsung’s smart TVs support direct Chromecasting from Android devices, as well as voice control via Google Assistant, though their Android pedigree does not prevent them also playing nice with Apples AirPlay 2. On the plus side, any TV running on an Android TV box will have Chromecast support built-in as well.

We know LG is also rolling out LG WebOS on third-party TVs in the near future, meaning that you are probably going to get access to its smarts on much cheaper sets.

The latest webOS takes pride of place on top-tier models like its mini-LED C825K series, and Roku is now providing the smarts on TCLs cheaper, but still highly-specified Rp620K LCD TV. Some, like the Hisense Hisense, employ various smart platforms depending on region and the price points of certain televisions, meaning that a new Hisense TV might make use of Google TV, Roku TV (developed for the Roku streaming sticks), or its proprietary VIDAA U platform.

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