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The Popular Mobile Phones People Buy

Trusted Reviews Current top picks for phones are either iPhone 12, or if you are an Android user, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. While Samsungs Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus do not put up as high numbers as the S21 Ultra, they are still Vox Medias top picks right now for best Android phones under a grand.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best mobile technology that Samsung has to offer, and is the Android phone to get if you are looking to get bleeding-edge phone technology into your pocket. E D I T O R S C H O I C E D as the Samsungs elite flagship phone for 2021, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra packs an amazing 6.8-inch AMOLED display with a buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate, which is also supported by Samsungs S-Pen stylus, a fantastic rear camera with amazing zoom capabilities, and 5G connectivity for super-fast data.

If you are looking for the best phone that can take you from morning through to night of heavy usage, and survive through all that, the Samsungs best-of-the-line Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the phone to buy. As Samsungs latest flagship phone, and a spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has all of the features that power users — and more mainstream shoppers — might need. Equipped with all sorts of goodies that were first introduced on the Galaxy S20 line, like a 108MP rear camera, a 120Hz screen, and Samsungs fastest flagship CPU yet, the Exynos 990, the Note 20 Ultra is a substantial upgrade.

Arguably the best phone currently available, the S21 Ultra 5G is an absolute tour de force, boasting top-tier hardware and Samsungs signature more is better approach to features. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is our latest top pick, but also take into consideration the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro from OnePlus, or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, all powerful phones that we found compelling for reasons other than operating system selection. The best phones are currently Android, but we got a mix of Apples best iPhones, as well as a wide range of devices from various manufacturers, into our top 15.

From large-screen Androids to recent flagships from iPhone, we have reviewed the best smartphone options that you can buy in 2022. For more, read our guide that helps you find the best phone for your needs, and check out our tips for buying a new Apple iPhone or Android handset. If you want the most flexibility, look for the latest Apple, Google Pixel, Samsung flagship, or Motorola handset.

Each handset maker also has a variety of features that may work better with your style, with Apple offering four different color presets (warm, vivid, cool, and strong contrast) on an iPhone, and Googles Pixel 6 comes with neat tools such as specialized long exposure and Action Pan modes. Samsungs glitzy Galaxy S21 devices have found the middle ground, nicely balancing performance with usability, but they all feature amazing cameras, amazing performance, and an excellent app and accessory ecosystem.

They are packing a fast Snapdragon 888 chip, 128GB and 256GB storage in the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, respectively, and stunning 120Hz displays. Samsungs glitzy Galaxy S21 devices are powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset in the US, and all three are capable of connecting on T-Mobiles 5G network. The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are excellent devices, and T-Mobile is the best choice for using Samsungs shiny Galaxy S21 devices in the US.

There are probably going to be other excellent Android phones coming out soon – notably from OnePlus – but for now, the best balance between features and price for an Android phone is the S21. The Pixel 4a is not on the carriers slate anymore, but the iPhone SE is on sale right now, and the iPhone SE is easily one of the best phones T-Mobile has to offer if you are on a tight budget.

Based on our tests, the new iPhone 12 Pro Max remains the best overall phone, offering excellent cameras, a vibrant 6.7-inch display, 5G connectivity, and the fastest performance of any phone. Pro Max Bags Biggest Camera Upgrade The real flagship phone from Apple is the iPhone 12 Pro, and although it is not a massive update in a lot of ways compared to the cheaper iPhone 12, it does offer some improvements that make it worthwhile if you just need to own the best iPhone. Stephen Shankland/CNET The unique design, excellent additions to the software, superb camera quality, and strong overall performance of the Google Pixel 6 Pro has earned the iPhone 13 Pro a glowing grade from us already in our full review.

The Galaxy S22 Ultras 10-power optical zoom camera offers the longest range available in todays phones, and its massive 6.8-inch 120Hz OLED screen makes it all look fluid and colorful.

In seventh place is Xiamis Redmi Note 9 Pro, which sold over 15 million units globally in 2020. Topping the best-selling phones list for 2020 are the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12mini from Apple, with over 38 million units sold. Around 1.35 billion phones were sold in 2020, with Samsung dominating annual sales at more than 253 million units sold, taking an 18.8% share of the market.

In 2010, Nokia managed to sell more than 100 million units just from that one phone, thanks to the Nokia 1280. The power of the Nokia 1100 was also given by the lower cost of the Nokia 1,100, allowing this phone to also be sold in developing countries. This model, which was first sold in 2005, is also at the top of the worlds top selling phones chart, selling more than 250 million models.

Some phones have also debuted with prices that are noticeably cheaper than their competitors, such as the Google Pixel 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, both great choices for people who do not want to pay much to get a great phone.

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